Annual Concert 2011

Magic, magic, and magic! That was what the night of October 9th 2011 was for us at The Notes Studio.  

Months and months of endless preparation and rehearsals led us to our most anticipated event of the year, our second annual concert. Held at Solaris Dutamas and themed “A Magical Moment with Disney”, the concert featured student-instructor collaborations on a great many of Disney’s classic hits.

With Disney’s trademark belief of dreams coming true, the night kicked off with the song “When We Wish Upon A Star” performed by the instructors.  Immediately after, the audience was welcomed with an extravagant student performance of “Be Our Guest”. With a huge ensemble taking to the stage for this opening act, the night quickly looked promising. Adding to the excitement, a Feather Duster, Cogsworth the Clock, Lumiere the Candlestick, Mrs. Pot the teapot, and little Chip the teacup made an appearance for the show!

To close the night, the students once again gathered on stage to perform the song “It’s A Small World”. With bright lights, colorful costumes, and the crowd joining in as the students sang, the concert came to a jubilant close. And once the curtains had come down and all the dust and flurry settled, the night was still left with a wonderful feeling of magic in the air.

The Notes Studio’s second annual concert began at the start of the year as a dream. And indeed, that night was a dream come true. We would like to thank all the students, parents, and instructors for being a part of that dream, without whom, the dream would not have been possible. We thank you all for the hours and the effort put into making this event successful. Equally important, we thank you all for the endless support you’ve shown us since the beginning. And as it is in Disney movies, we’d like to tell everyone around us to remember three things as we look forward to the next chapter.

Dream, live, and love.

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