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Frequently Asked Question.

We aim to address common queries and provide valuable insights to help you navigate your musical journey with us.

If you have any specific questions not covered here, feel free to reach out directly.

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What ages do you cater to for music lessons?

Our music lessons are designed for students of all ages. We offer specialized programs for young children starting at age 5, tailored classes for school-aged children, and even adult sessions for those who wish to start learning or pick up where they left off. Our curriculum is customized to meet the learning pace and style of each age group.

How do you tailor lessons for different age groups?

Our lessons are tailored to age-specific. For younger children, we focus on fun, engaging methods to introduce music concepts. As students grow, lessons become more structured, focusing on technique, theory, and performance.

How long does it typically take to see progress?

Progress can vary widely depending on the student’s age, practice habits, and the instrument. Generally, with consistent practice, students can start to see progress within a few weeks.

Are there opportunities for ensemble play or joining an annual concert?

Yes, we have various ensembles and an in-house or annual concert that students can audition for once they reach a certain proficiency level.

Do you offer lessons for children with special needs?

Absolutely. We believe music is for everyone. Our selected instructors are trained to work with children with a range of special needs, tailoring lessons to each child’s abilities. Speak to us for more details.

How are recitals and performances conducted, and are they mandatory?

We host regular recitals to showcase students’ progress. While recitals are highly encouraged for the developmental benefits they provide, they are not mandatory.


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