Our Violin Lessons in Mont Kiara.

Proficiency in playing the violin, focusing on technique, musicality, and performance skills

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Course Overview

Imagine holding an instrument that can produce sounds as sweet as a nightingale and as powerful as a symphony. The violin, with its elegant curves and expressive tones, is a gateway to both classical masterpieces and modern melodies.

It’s a magical instrument that lets you voice your innermost emotions through its strings.

Worldwide Recognized Examination Board
  • Objectives:
    To master the fundamentals of violin playing, including posture, bowing, and fingering techniques.
  • To read and interpret violin sheet music.
    To cultivate a repertoire from classical to contemporary pieces.
  • What You Will Learn:
    Basic to advanced violin techniques.
  • Ear training and sight-reading skills.
    Basic to advanced violin techniques.
  • Expected Outcome:
    Ability to perform a variety of violin pieces with confidence and technical accuracy.
  • Enhanced understanding of music theory and its application to violin playing.
    Improved performance and stage presence.
  • Suitable For:
    Beginners to advanced players.
  • Age Range:
    6 years old and above.

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