Our String Ensemble in Mont Kiara.

Playing in a string ensemble is like being part of a harmonious conversation, where every voice contributes to a beautiful collective story

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confidence to become an amazing individual.

We have created an awesome learning program that will help students learning music instruments quickly and easily.

String Ensemble
Course Overview

Our String Ensemble classes are group classes where budding young violinists, violist and cellists learn to play together in a cooperative, team building environment.

By getting together and playing with other musicians from the same genre, not only will our students become more aware of their own musicality, they will also learn how to use their strengths and skills to complement the strengths and skills of other musicians.

Ensemble classes are a great way to build friendships and enhance communication and team building skills.

  • Objectives:
    To understand the roles of different string instruments within an ensemble.
  • To improve ensemble playing techniques, including synchronization and balance.
    To foster teamwork and communication among ensemble members.
  • What You Will Learn:
    Ensemble rehearsal techniques and practices.
  • Interpretation of ensemble repertoire ranging from classical to modern pieces.
    Advanced listening skills and musical interaction.
  • Expected Outcome:
    Enhanced ability to perform as part of a cohesive string ensemble.
  • Improved listening and communication skills within a musical group.
    Increased confidence in ensemble performance settings.
  • Suitable For:
    Intermediate to advanced players of violin, viola, cello, and double bass.
  • Age Range:
    10 years old and above.

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