Our Fun and Easy Music Course in Mont Kiara.

A relaxed and enjoyable introduction to music for those looking to explore their musical interests

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We have created an awesome learning program that will help students learning music instruments quickly and easily.

Fun & Easy
Course Overview

Our Fun & Easy course is exactly what its name suggests – plenty of fun in a relaxed and warm environment!

Tailored for the student who wants to experience music in a semi-structured environment, this course focuses on both note reading and playing music by ear.

The training of aural accuracy will build the confidence of students in their music playing and nurture their appreciation for music as the ability to pick up a tune by hearing will expand the way a student explores and discovers the world of music.

  • Objectives:
    To offer a light-hearted approach to learning basic musical concepts.
  • To encourage creative expression and enjoyment through music.
    To introduce various instruments and musical activities in a fun environment.
  • What You Will Learn:
    Basic rhythm, melody, and harmony through engaging activities.
  • Introduction to different musical instruments.
    Simple songs and musical games.
  • Expected Outcome:
    A fun and positive introduction to music.
  • Basic understanding of musical concepts.
    Increased enthusiasm for further musical exploration.
  • Suitable For:
    Individuals seeking a casual and enjoyable music learning experience.
  • Age Range:
    All ages, with programs tailored for children, teens, and adults.

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